Quotes and Customizations

Here at Empire Electric Co. Inc. we offer the ability to customize many of our products to fit our customer’s needs. Simply fill out the form below to get more information or a full quote on anything in our product catalog.

Empire Electric Co. Inc. has the ability to customize many products to fit our customer’s specific needs. If you landed on this form directly, you can either fill it out using a general description of what you want, or you can browse to the product you want and click the “Quote” button from the product page which will automatically populate the “Product Name” field. This helps us figure out your needs faster!

Empire Electric Co. Inc. also offers our own completely customized products that we create for you to meet your specifications. We truly understand that in today’s world, one-size-fits-all just doesn’t cut it! Please indicate that you are looking for a completely customized item in the quote form below.

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