Eaton General Duty Switching Devices

For residential and commercial applications. Suitable for light-duty
motor circuits and service entrance.
■ 240 Vac
■ 30–600A
■ For short-circuit ratings, see Technical Data
■ Suitable for service entrance applications unless otherwise noted
■ Fusible and non-fusible switches are 100% load break and load make rated
■ The continuous load current of fusible switches is not to exceed 80% of the rating of fuses employed in other than motor circuits. Nonfusible switches are 100% fully rated
■ 200–600A features K-Series design
■ Horsepower rated
■ Ample wire bending space provides for easier installation
■ With Class R fuses, switches may be used on systems capable of delivering 100,000A rms symmetrical

Note: Plug fuse switches are not service entrance rated.