Eaton Heavy Duty Switching Devices

For heavy commercial and industrial applications where reliable performance and service continuity are critical.

■ 600 Vac, 600 Vdc maximum
■ 30–1200A
■ For short-circuit ratings, see Technical Data
■ Horsepower rated
■ Fusible and non-fusible switches are 100% load break and load
make rated
■ The continuous load current of fusible switches is not to exceed
80% of the rating of fuses employed in other than motor circuits. Nonfusible switches are 100% fully rated
■ Suitable for service entrance applications unless otherwise noted
■ Visible double break rotary blade mechanism. Two points of contact provide a positive open and close, easier operation, and also help to prevent contact burning for longer contact life
■ Triple padlocking capability. Personnel safety feature because
the large hasp can accommodate up to three 3/8-inch (9.5 mm) shank locks. Cabinet door can be further padlocked at the top and bottom
■ Interlocking mechanism. Door cannot be opened when the handle is in the ON position. Built-in defeater mechanism provides for user access when necessary
■ De-ionizing arc chutes. Arc chutes confine and suppress the arcs
produced by contacts under load

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