Eaton NEMA TP-1 Energy-Efficient Transformers

Note: The following provides listings for most standard transformer ratings and styles.
For other ratings or styles not shown, or for special enclosure types (including stainless steel), refer to Empire’s Customizations and Quotes page to obtain more information.

Types DS-3, DT-3

● Ventilated, NEMA 2 enclosure standard
● Suitable for indoor applications, outdoors when weathershields are also installed
● Upright mounting only
● 220ºC insulation system
● 150ºC rise standard; 115°C or 80°C rise optional
● Available in single-phase ratings 15–167 kVA, 600 volts primary (DS-3)
● Available in three-phase ratings 15–1500 kVA and up to 600 volts primary (DT-3)

Application Description

NEMA TP-1-2002 compliant energy-efficient transformers are specifically designed to meet the energy efficiency standards set forth in NEMA
Standards publication, TP-1-2002, “Guide for Determining Energy Efficiency for Distribution Transformers.”
Surveys have shown that the average loading of low voltage dry-type distribution transformers, over a 24-hour period, is approximately
35%. NEMA TP-1 compliant transformers are optimized to offer maximum efficiency at 35% of nameplate rating.

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